Hair wax for men

A hair wax for men is ideally suited for short to medium length hair. The biggest advantage? Your coupe can be restyled during the day.

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Keune hair wax for men

The best hair wax for men can of course be found in the line of Keune men: 1922 by J.M. Keune. Hair wax for men gives just the right strength to short to medium-length hair. Wax for men's hair provides shine, nutrition, and hydration. The medium strength ensures that the hair perfectly in shape and during the day restyled can be. In addition, a good hair wax for men for extra volume and texture.

The best way to apply hair wax for men is to rub a little wax between your hands and spread it through your hair, especially in the ends. Want to spread the wax even better? Then heating it up is the secret trick. If you want to make the hair wax even smoother, you can briefly heat your hair or the hair wax with the hairdryer.

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